domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

Marox79: Wishlist

Me temo que al paso que voy, tendré que actualizarla bastante a menudo. Intentaré añadir un enlace con fotos del producto, probablemente de la persona 'culpable' de habérmelo hecho añadir a la lista. De paso, os invito a que les hagáis una visita... seguro que no seré yo la única en 'sucumbir a la tentación' y probablemente algunas estéis en la lista de 'sospechosas'.

I fear at this rate I'll be updating this pretty often. I'll try to include a link with a picture, most likely from the 'culprit'. Feel free to pay them a visit... I won't be the only one to 'give in to temptation'. And some of you may find your name listed here as 'suspects'.

Quizá mi hermana se anime también a hacer la suya y quien sabe... así una saca ideas para posibles regalos. Seguro que ella es mucho más comedida que yo.
Maybe my sister will do the same and who knows... that can be very helpful for future presents. One thing I grant you, she will be a lot more self-restrained.

- 24/7 Basecoat. Review by one of the lovely Parokeets ladies *here* and by Beautiful with Brains *here*

- #740 King of Greens - Swatch by Theodora R. - discontinued 2013/2014

- ARTful Red - Viennart TE - Taya *here / aquí* is the culprit.

- 'Pink Princess' - As shown by Elsa

P2 : Esta marca es un peligro. Saca unos tonos a cada cual más bonito y con unos precios... Lo he reducido a los que no pude encontrar en Berlín - This brand is seriously hot. It's nearly impossible to pick favourites, I've narrowed it down to the ones I couldn't find in Berlin.
- #207 'Stormy' (Retirado en Marzo 2011 / Discontinued in March 2011) - Swatch by Nihrida, mind you, she's a serious offender, lol. Aviso: El blog de Sasha tiene muuucho peligro, jeje.
- #17 'Elegant' (Retirado en Marzo 2011 / Discontinued in March 2011) - Swatch by Nihrida. She's a recurrent here, I told you. - Encima reincidente...
- #020 'Vibrating Orange' (Colours in Motion LE). As shown by Mrs. Dalda.
Flormar: Algunas chicas españolas ya pueden comprar esta marca. Some lucky Spanish ladies can already get this brand.
-Flormar Miracle Colour U16. -Swatch by Basak.
-Flormar Supershine Miracle Colours U33 - Swatch by Deniz, an 'evil' lady sharing with us too many lovelies.
-Flormar Supermatte M126. - Swatch by another big offender, Deniz again.
-Flormar Supershine Miracle Colours U30 - Swatch by Nemo Latte.
-Flormar Supershine Miracle Colours U32 - Swatch by Deniz again.
- Creme de la Creme. Swatch by Kellygonzo.
- Sinful Señorita. Swatch by Bregje.
- Wintersky. Swatch by Elsa from Like a Candy Store.

- #373 Burnt Sienna  - Visto a Noxelia *aquí*.
- Aurora Boreal. Swatch by Candy Glaze *here*
Marks and Spencer
- Lilac. - Swatch by Liloo *here*.
-Metallic Venus. - Swatch *here*

- Lav-ish - Swatch by Ohsolacquered *here*.
- 203A (I'm a Sundiva & Island Dream LE) - Swatch by Chikarina.
- 209 (aka 'Brilliant Shiraz' INCI 31 version). - Swatch by SmaltoItaliano *here* or Max Factor 'Fantasy Fire' *here*.
- 03 -Swatch by Confessions of a Chubby Girl, aka Mrs. Dalda *here*
Others: - Glamglow-dupe Face mask. 

Butter London

- Posh bird. Swatch by A Polish Addict *here*.

-Wildlife - Swatch by Goose's Glitters.

-Poco a Poco - Swatched by Scrangie.
-Demure Vixen. Swatch by Annie from Polish this!.

- Persian Carpet: Swatch by Scrangie.
Sinful Colours
-Mint Apple - Swatch by Lextard.
-Cinderella - Swatch by ThatsSOfresh.

China Glaze:
-Sunset Glow - Swatch by Nihrida. She ought to be in jail by now, lol. - A estas alturas, ya debería estar 'entre rejas'.
-Ingrid - Swatch by Nihrida. Con esas manos tan bonitas, todos los esmaltes le quedan bien. ¿Será ese el problema? Umm, no sé yo - With those gorgeous hands of her, all polishes look good on her. Maybe that's where the problem is... or maybe not.

Color Club: Otra marca que tiene una pintorra... - This brand is seriously hot, too.
-Fashion Addict - Swatch by Michelle. También tiene unos esmaltes *feísimos*. -She has some *ugly* polishes of her own.
- Cherubic (Halo Hues collection). - Swatches by Annie from Polish this! *here*.
- Halo Graphic (Halo Hues collection) - Swatches by Set in Lacquer *here*.
- Angel Kiss (Halo Hues collection) - Swatches by Set in Lacquer *here*.
- Port-Folio - Swatch by Makeup Withdrawal *here*.

-Catherine the Grape (Russian Collection, Fall 2007) - Swatch by Ulmiel. Yo y los morados. ¿Qué puedo decir? Que la carne es débil. Me and purples, what can I say? The flesh is weak.
-Maine-iac Mauve - Swatch by Lextard-Alexa. I definitely have a purple-mauve problem/fetish. - Lo mío con los morados y malvas es para hacérmelo mirar.
-No Spain no gain - Swatch by Tips and Confessions.
-You don't know Jacques (Suede) - Swatch by Stef.

-Expresso - Swatch by Ana Rita.
- Mystic Gold - Swatch by Light Your Nails!
******* También me gustaría probar esmaltes de otras marcas que no están disponibles en España, marcas locales. / I would also like to try other brands that are not available here in Spain, local brands and so on. ********

- Pure colour lipsticks: O le ponéis ruedas al mueble de P2 directamente y me lo mandáis. / Or you can just put wheels to the entire P2 display and send it over. ;)
- Automatic eyeliners: Marian tuvo el negro y era una pasada. Los había en un montón de colores. / Marian had the black one and was the best thing ever. These were available in a bunch of colours.
Bundle Monster:
-Placas/ Plates v 2.0 (i.e. BM-201 to BM-225) - Sarahlouise and her sneak-peeks and teasers are the 'culprits'. Did you really think you were going to get away, my dear?? - Sarahlouise y las imágenes de las placas que nos va filtrando la hacen merecedora de estar en mi lista también. Nena, ¿Pensabas que te ibas a ir de rositas?
- Placas / Plates v. 3.0 (i.e. BM-301 to 325) - Sarahlouise is once again the culprit.
Red Angel:
- Image plates 21 pc set. Sarahlouise is to blame too - *here*.
Cheeky 2012 Image Plates:
- Sold by uk - *here*.
- 2012 set of 25 image plates. As seen *here*
Moyou Plates:
- The Artist Plate Collection 02 (XL Images). *here*

UV Lamp 200/240 V for hands and feet. *here*


Make up Geek

-'New Year's Eve' Pigment. As seen on *La Colorópata*.

-  Future Glam LE Eyeshadow in Next Generation *here*

- Freedom System : Paleta sombras / Eyeshadow palette.

Make Up Revolution:

- Iconic palettes (esp. #3)


- Manteca desmaquillante 'Take the Day Off'. *here*

Soap and Glory:

- Exfoliantes / Scrubs: Sugar Crush *here*; Pulp Friction *here*; Breakfast Scrub *here*; 
- Hidratantes / Moisturizers: Smoothie Star Buttercream *here*; Sugarcrush Buttercream *here*; 

The Body Shop:

- Manteca corporal de karité / Shea Body Butter
- Manteca corporal de almendras / Almond Body Butter
- Manteca corporal de nuez del brasil / Brazil Nut Body Butter
- Manteca corporal de moringa. / Moringa Body Butter
- Manteca corporal de aceite de argán / Argan Body Butter
- Manteca corporal leche de almendras y miel / Almond Milk & Honey Body Butter
- Mascarilla facial 3 en 1 de maíz azul / 3in1 Blue Corn Face Mask
- Algún exfoliante  (Argan, etc)  / Some body scrubs (Argan, etc).  

Cosmética asiática / Asian skincare:

- Sleeping Pack: Mizon Good Night White;
- Tratamiento para pestañas Dr. Lash de Etude House / Etude House Dr. Lash ampoule *here*.
- Champú anticaída Damoae / Damoae HairLoss Shampoo *here*.
- Tony Moly Luxury Gem Gold Mask
- Gold Hydro Gel Eye Patches.
- ENature Moringa Cleansing Balm *here*
- Skin Moisture Analyzer, like *this*, *this* or *this*

 - Pinzas Tweezerman / Tweezerman Slant Tweezers.


Cosmética natural / Organic beauty stuff:

- Henna natural de buena calidad / Top quality henna, (Khadi?, Godrej Nupur)

- Aceite enriquecido de coco / enriched coconut oil Dabur Vatika. *here*
- Giovanni: Hot Chocolate Body Scrub
- Aceite de ricino negro jamaicano / Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Sunny Isle;  Mango & Lime, etc)

Non make-up related:

- Yankee Candle quemador / burner + tarts: *here* / *here*
- Some nice clothes won't hurt either, like *this* sweater.
- A USB hub and card reader for my IPad mini. *here*
- The Roxbox (4 CD boxset). *here*
- Posavasos de ágata / Agate coasters (Anthropologie-style). *here* - An Android TV Box. 
- Mikael Bolyos 'A Family Affair' music CD. Currently unavailable. *here*
- Roxette 'Charm School Revisited' CD. *here

- Roxette Diaries (A film by Jonas Åkerlund). *here*

Como digo, por desgracia este post lo iré actualizando. ¿Qué tenéis en vuestra lista? Me gusta cotillear las wishlists de los blog que sigo, si la tienen.
Like I said, unfortunately I'll be updating this post *sigh*. What's on your wishlist? I like to snoop around other people's lists in their blogs if they have it up.

21 comentarios:

  1. Haha this made my day!

    ....Bring on the 25th! i want them now...hopefully ill win them through the facebook competition...Maybe im being to hopeful =-/


  2. @Sarahlouise: Thanks. I thought it would be fun listing not only the polishes but the 'culprits' behind all those lemmings.
    I sneaked a peek into your wishlist a couple of times. Will the new BM plates make it into yours? Just kidding, I know they will!

  3. Qué lista más completa, me la voy a copiar jajaja BESOS!

  4. @Gadirroja: Me ha llevado un buen rato, no creas. Seguro que la tuya no se queda atrás.

  5. Bueno, de la lista de essence, podría irme encargando. Igual me puedo pasar esta tarde o mañana por Bustillo, a ver si ya tienen lo nuevo, que ya va siendo hora.
    Porque me parece que tu deseada sombra de Too Faced va a tardar (ojalá me equivoque).

  6. @Marian: Sí, a los de Bustillo ya les vale. Lo de Essence, iremos poco a poco, que son unas cuantas cositas. ¡Menos mal que son baratitos!
    A ver si te animas tú a hacer la tuya, aunque no comentes tanto. Ya sabes que yo sufro de incontinencia verbal.

  7. @marox79: jaja, incontinencia verbal, sobre todo en inglés. ¿Te has dado cuenta de que algunas cosas, sobre todo comentarios de los esmaltes o de las culpables de tu wishlish, los has escrito en inglés y no los has traducido al español?
    En cuanto a mi wishlist, no sé, no sé. El caso es que he visto los esmaltes que has puesto en la tuya, y seguramente, cuando los encuentre, cogeré los mismos para mí. Vamos, que no soy nada original.

  8. @Marian: Sí, ya he visto que alguno se me ha escapado y que en algunos he cambiado el orden.
    Sobre tu lista, creo recordar que tenías unos cuantos de P2 que yo no tengo.

  9. lol - ofc they will....Im suppose to be saving for mine and my partners first house...But- AHHH!!! I WANT SO many new plates!....I can wait till Christmas - i hope =-// lol

  10. It was Deborah's ''fault'' that I bought Irreplaceable yesterday. Can't wait to wear it! =)

  11. @marox79: Mucho me temo que todo lo de essence de tu wishlist tendrá que esperar, y es que hoy he ido a Bustillo y tenían el stand peladísimo, y no sabían cuándo iban a tener lo nuevo, pues supuestamente, lo iban a tener el día 10. La cuestión es que la pobre dependienta ya no sabe qué decirme.
    El caso es que incomprensiblemente, tienen un expositor de "Better than gel nails", con varios estuches a la venta, así como las cremas de manos y los quitaesmaltes.
    Así que, mientras tanto, a seguir babeando.

  12. @Nihrida: It's a huge honor for this humble blog to have you as a follower.
    So I'm not the only 'weak' lady out there, that is very good to know! Deborah's been sharing with us some cool polishes from Essence.

  13. Good job ;>
    Put a link of this post on the right column, people will find it easier and maybe one day someone will help you shorten your list :D

  14. @Smalto: I'm still pretty new at blogging. How do you mean (explain for dummies), please?

  15. Great list! Thank you for the shoutouts. :-) Nihirida's a big offender for me too.

  16. It's simple: from your dashboard, click the "Design" link, you'll find the "Add a gadget" column, in which you'll find a list of gadgets you can add to your blog.

    In this case, the one for you is the "HTML/JAVA script" gadget: add it (don't mind the position, you'll fix it later), and now you just have to choose a word (i.e., "my wishlist" or so); then, select it and make a link to this post (which you'll keep updated) and then save it all.
    Now you can decide its position in your blog (i.e. above the "seguidores" list) by simply dragging the gadget with your mouse, and that's all. You have a preview option too, to check the final look of your blog before saving.

    Hope it's all clear, but If you need further info, drop me an email and I'll explain it better :>

  17. Ale, ale, ahí, generando nuevas necesidades!

  18. @Salander: ¿yo? Pobre de mí. Es a mí a quien me las generan, jeje.

  19. wow what a wishlist... I think if I ever put a wishlist together it will take me weeks :-P

  20. @Polish AMOR: It's a bit unrealistic, I know. I'll never pay, say 23 EUR, a Chanel polish costs when you can have a cheaper dupe over time. It's just stuff that had me dropping my jaw in awe.


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